$99 Unlimited Parkour 

The better you are at Parkour the better your time will be at a Spartan Race or climbing a warped wall! Some of the best competitors on the American Ninja Warrior Show trained in Parkour. American Ninja Warriors Game Show origins are from Ninja Training that has existed for centuries and part of that training is Parkour. So when you see your child vaulting a couch or climbing up some walls at your house. You are actually seeing his or her desire to do Parkour!

Do you want your child to do better at sports? Do you want him/her to become more active? Your answer is YES!

Benefits you will see when you practice parkour are 

  • Improved focus
  • Overall improvement in fitness
  • Awareness
  •  Balance
  •  Confidence

Parkour focuses on efficient movement. This is something that is very important in any profession. Understanding how to move in harmony with your body makes life a little easier.   This is a sport that anyone can do at any age or fitness level.

As time goes on you will also start to get Creative and begin to put together your own style of Parkour. Creativity usually spawns new goals and encourages the student to work harder and  do more. 

In many cases this experience brings about the following 

  • Better eating habits
  • Less TV, Tablets, & Social Media
  • More Drive
  • Self Discipline